How to Draw Mountains – Part 2

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How to Draw Mountains – Part 2

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Draw the Sky

Shade the Sky

Still using the HB pencil, use very light diagonal strokes to shade the blue areas of the sky. Be careful to shade around the clouds so you leave them white. Don’t forget to also shade the area of the sky between the clouds and the peaks. The right side of the sky will be a slightly darker tone than the left, since it is farthest away from the sunlight.

With a blending stump, carefully blend the areas of the sky you just shaded. Shade around the tops of the cloud areas so they don’t get smudgy. However, when we make the clouds, we are going to make them so the tops are more defined and the bottoms are more faded. So for that reason, it’s okay to rub the blending stump along the bottom edges of the clouds.

Create the Clouds

To create the illusion of the tops of clouds, I will be using an eraser pencil. You can also use an electric eraser, a kneaded eraser, or make do with a standard eraser if necessary.

Carefully make tiny circular strokes along the top edge of each cloud. With these tiny circular strokes, occasionally make short, circular streaks that go into the shaded sky area. Periodically brush away your residue so you can see what you have.

Keep working along the tops of the clouds all the way across the paper.

Now with my kneaded eraser, I am making light diagonal strokes in the same direction as the pencil marks for the sky. This makes the tone of this part of the sky lighter, and it also gives an illusion of sunlight shining through the clouds.

With the graphite residue from your blending stump, you can make light indications of shadows within some of the clouds. This also adds a little shape and dimension to the clouds.

Since I want this right side of the sky slightly darker than the left, I’m going to add a little more shading with my pencil, then blend it again. Now, I will reform the tops with my eraser pencil.

How to Draw Mountains – Part 3

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