How to Draw a Tent – Part 4

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How to Draw a Tent – Part 4

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Shade the Front Bottom of the Tent

Darken the Outlines of the Front Bottom

Now we are going to shade the front bottom of the tent. 

We will start by darkening the outlines of the front bottom, just as we have been darkening the outlines prior to shading other parts of the tent.

For now, I am switching back to my 2B pencil for this part. We don’t need our outlines here to be as dark as the inside of the tent.

Shade the Lower Part of the Front Bottom

Now we are going to shade the lower part of the front bottom. On the reference photograph, it is this section of dark gray color.

Start by lightly shading the corner and darkening some of the outlines to better define them. 

Then, begin overlapping darker shades to represent shadows and pulls in the fabric of the tent.

The tent is casting a shadow against the ground, so darken the bottom line of the tent. We will make that shadow more prominent later on.

After doing so, shade the other corner, then keep shading along that bottom section.

It’s almost like coloring in a coloring book at this point, just trying to stay within the lines.

Carefully overlay some darker tones next to some lighter ones to leave the illusion of a kind of three-dimensional puffiness in the fabric.

Sketch a few more thick darker lines for added detail.

Shade the Rest of the Front Bottom

The rest of this front bottom portion of the tent is a lighter gray color.

Let’s darken up these wrinkles just a little bit. Remember that some of them go at an angle and some go horizontally. Maintain the same directions of the wrinkles that you made with the earlier lightly-sketched guidelines.

Begin to lightly shade the open white area now. Make shadowy areas slightly darker, like this pocket just underneath the rolled-up door on the left and right side.

Keep shading with a light touch. Be consistent with the direction of your strokes. Here I am making them all in a diagonal fashion.

How to Draw a Tent – Part 5

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