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Shade the Three Top Right Petals

Let’s now move our attention to shading the three top right petals. Starting with the first one, here I am using a mostly side-to-side motion to shade this petal, then finishing up with some up and down strokes. Again, I am also leaving some reflected light as separation between this petal and the one behind it.

Repeat this process with the next petal. Darken the tones of the borders. Also, be sure that the area closest to the petal in front of it has the darkest shading due to the cast shadow.

Put dark shading close to the edge but on the surface of the third and final petal here. Lighten up your grip as you get closer to the other edges.

Shade the Middle Right Petal

To shade the middle right petal, we are going to have some heavy black shading near the base. I’m going to go ahead and put some shading at this section of the petal underneath as well. Back to this petal that is sticking up, I want to have my dark pencil tones radiating away from the base and getting lighter as I go outward.

Just as we did with the other petals on the other side of the rose, the light streaks here should follow the curvature of the petal’s surface and give form and shape to it. Place darker tones along the edge, leaving room for the reflected light.

Outline the outer edge of the petal. Sketch a few more light lines on top and coiling around the sides.

Shade the Two Lower Right Petals

We have two petals left to shade on our rose. For the first one, start off with a few light marks just under the petal above it and along the sides.

Keep sketching a variety of lines. Near the outer edge, slant the direction of your pencil strokes from this corner onward. This helps to create another short plane along the edge and builds up a more three-dimensional look. Here I am choosing to mix the direction of my lines to create more of a crosshatch pattern.

Now on to the final petal. This fold on the left side is tilted away from much of any light source, so it needs to be rather dark.

Next, I’m deciding here to put the dark tones on this petal first. This is a bit different from what we have been doing for most of the drawing, when we were placing the lighter tones first. Really, there is no particular reason or benefit for this in my opinion, and sometimes I alternate between putting darker tones first and putting lighter tones first. Sometimes, you might hear reasons from me or other artists for doing it one way over another, but as you get more practice and comfort with drawing, you can just do what feels comfortable for you and create your own art in your own way.

Put a mix of alternating lighter and darker tones on the surface to give it some texture and finish up the petal.

How to Draw a Rose – Part 5

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  1. Hi, Jack. Thank you for the free drawing lessons! I have finished the tent, the cowboy and the rose and have had satisfying results. I won’t be continuing, however, for the only reason: I can’t stand the music! It is so very monotonous! It was all I could do to finish the drawing because after an hour and a half of the same repetitive beat, I wanted to scream. Don’t get me wrong….I love a wide variety of music, but you might want to vary it a little.
    You are very talented and generous in sharing it, but just just can’t continue.
    Please let me know if you adjust this issue. I’d love to join you again.

    1. Hi Kathy! Congratulations on your progress! Thank you for the compliment and the feedback. I’m sorry the music was distracting for you. Actually, the Rose is the last course with music. All of the other courses I have made since then have no music (although I still have music in my YouTube videos). These are my first courses, so you might notice differences in some courses as I experiment. After the Rose course, I wondered if the music might be too much for some people, so I discontinued it. If many other people are finding it distracting too, I will work on uploading new versions with the music removed.

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