How to Draw a Mouth – Part 2

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How to Draw a Mouth – Part 2

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Begin Drawing the Face

Draw the Outline of the Face

We’ll begin with the outline of the face. When you are using a grid, you want to just draw what you see in the box and go from one box to the next. You want to see where to start in the box and where in the grid square your line goes.

For our very first mark, we need to begin at the bottom left corner of grid square A2 and make a line that matches the contour of the face we are drawing. In other words, there will be a very, very slight curve to the line as we bring it down to the bottom of A3, just a little left of center.

As you look carefully at the reference photograph and use your grid throughout your drawing, you want to make sure to take your time and draw what you see in each specific grid square. Since we are focusing on the outline of the face now, we want to see exactly where in each grid square each line should end before continuing the line in the next grid square.

Use light pressure with your mechanical pencil as you draw your lines. That way you can easily erase any mistakes without leaving anything noticeable behind.

Look for halfway points along the edges of the grid squares. Determine whether the line you are drawing comes toward that halfway point or to the right or left of it. Then decide how much to the left or the right of the halfway point to bring your line.

Keep drawing the line for the contour of the face. As you enter Row 11, begin bending your line to form the chin. As you get to I11, begin bending the chin line back up to Row 10. Keep double checking to make sure you are on track and bending your lines in the correct grid squares!

Keep working your way around the curvature of the face. You should end up in grid square N5.

Draw the Neck

Now we can do the neck. The first line of the neck goes straight down Column C. Start at C8 and go down all the way to C11, curving it toward the lower left corner of that box. Then on the other side, begin at M7 and cross over to Column N as you work your way down.

There are a few lines we will put around the neck to show changes in value from light to dark. If it’s pretty significant, it’s always a good idea to indicate that on your paper. That way, when you start shading, you can see where to put heavier tones and lighter tones.

The darkest part of the neck with the most shadow will be directly below the chin. Lightly draw rough guidelines wherever you see the values change from dark to light or vice versa.

Draw the Face Around the Mouth

Go up to C2 to begin drawing the smile line around the mouth. Keep working this area from Row 2 down to around Row 5 or 6 until it’s finished before moving on to other parts of the face. Similarly to the neck, lightly draw guidelines to indicate changes in value that we need to know when we get to shading.

Keep extending these lines down the face and toward the chin. There should be some dark shadow marks at the base of the chin.

Now we’ll come to the other side of the face. But before we do so, put some shadow guidelines just under where the base of the nose is, in Row 1. We don’t see the nose itself, but we do see the shadow the nose is casting. Then for the smile lines on the other side of the mouth, you will have to double up, because the lines are more of a band than single lines.

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