How to Draw a Dog Face Part 2 – Shade the Top of the Dog’s Head

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Shade One Side of the Dog’s Head

Starting with the top of the dog’s head, I’m sticking with my HB pencil as I add a light base layer of fur. We will gradually build up the fur with darker layers of value. For a more jagged, furry edge to show where the outlines are, make sure to erase the outline before drawing the fur. Keep your pencil strokes nice and short. By the way, the steps I show you for how to draw dog fur are the same basic steps for drawing all animal fur.

Keep working this side of the head. Erase the outline on the upper left side and replace it with a furry border. Also, pay attention to the direction in which the hairs are pointing. You may notice that the fur in this brown section is pointing toward the upper left, while the white fur section to the right is pointing in an opposite direction.

Use a lighter touch to shade the white fur. The values here should be lighter than the values in the brown fur. Additionally, the areas where light is reaching the white fur should be left white. This helps to create a range of highlights and shadows in the white fur.

Shade the Other Side of the Dog’s Head

On the other side of the white fur, blend the border with the brown fur for a more gradual transition. Add a light base layer of fur in the first couple of wrinkles. Then, start amplifying the darker values that are along the bottom portion of each wrinkle. I’m using a 2B for these darker values.

I’m using light strokes with the HB pencil to add fur to the next forehead wrinkle. Like before, I can make the hairs along the top of the fold to look more natural by erasing the outline first. Remember to shade the bottom of the wrinkle darker to represent the shadow from the wrinkle in front of it.

For the wrinkle along the very top, again shade the bottom shadow with short, zigzag strokes. After that, add more lighter strokes for the top row of fur. These hairs are growing and pointing at a more sideways angle. Erase the outline along the top in order to add the furry edge.

Shade the White Fur on the Forehead

Now we’ll look at developing the white area of fur between the eyes. I’ll start here with these frown lines. I’m using the HB pencil still, since this is white fur, and I don’t want to make marks that are too dark. Remember to keep your pencil strokes short and soft.

Now, over here on the brow to our left, there is some white fur on top of the brow and some brown fur on the bottom part of it. Using a swooping motion, sketch a few curved hairs to indicate the transition from white to brown.

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