How to Draw a Pumpkin Part 1 – Draw the Outline of the Pumpkin

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How to Draw a Pumpkin – Part 1

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Draw the Left Side of the Pumpkin

The first step in drawing a pumpkin is drawing its basic shapes. I got a little ahead of myself and drew the outline before realizing I didn’t have my camera on! So, here are the simple steps I took. I began by sketching a shape for the right side with an HB pencil. I also drew a light vertical guideline to plan placement for the stem. Then I drew the outline of the left side a bit larger than the right. After drawing the top, I drew the stem, noting that it sticks out almost as much as the right edge of the pumpkin but not quite.

The next step is to begin drawing the many ribs of the pumpkin. The ribs are the vertical lines running from the stem to the bottom of the pumpkin. Draw the first rib line by tracing the guideline from the previous step. It should be directly under the stem. Don’t make it perfectly straight. Instead, draw it with a slight bend.

For lack of a better term, I will just refer to the spaces between the ribs as “sections”. To draw the first section, draw a curved line bulging upward from the first rib. Bring this line down and run a second rib almost parallel to and following the same curvature of the first rib. Then connect the two ribs at the bottom.

Now let’s draw another rib. Sometimes I like to start by drawing the top and bottom end of a rib before connecting the ends with a line. This section can be just about as wide as the first one. As we draw the ribs of the pumpkin, we will need to pay attention to the curvature of the pumpkin’s outer edge as well as the curvature of the previous rib we drew and, of course, the reference photograph.

Now that we’re getting the hang of it, we’re going to draw three more ribs. It’s okay to vary the positioning of each end of a rib. For this first one, I’m making the top bulge a little higher and the bottom end with no real bulge at all. Then I’m sketching the second rib with an even higher upper bulge than the last one. The final rib is the same line as the outer left edge of our pumpkin.

There’s a deep dip at the top of this pumpkin where the base of the stem sits. All of the ribs take a downward dip just before reaching the stem. Draw the top of another rib or two taking this dip on the other side of the pumpkin.

Draw the Right Side of the Pumpkin

On the right side of the pumpkin, we’re going to repeat the same process that we did on the left by drawing five more ribs. Since these ribs are on the right side, it makes sense that the curve of the lines will be to the right as well. For this first rib, draw a little bit of a bend in the middle of the line, just like we did for the very first rib under the stem. The second and third ribs can curve outward a bit more. Another thing about pumpkin ribs is that some of them are deep and some are shallow. We can make the fourth rib close to the third and not connecting as much on the top. Finally, for the fifth one, just use the outer edge of our original guideline.

Just like we did earlier at the dip near the stem, let’s draw a couple more ribs on the other side. Draw lines coming from the base of the stem and curving up and over the dip. This completes the outline of our pumpkin’s shell. We’ll do some work to the stem next.

Now focusing on the stem itself, begin by erasing any guidelines from the beginning of the drawing. Then, we’ll just sharpen up the outline of the stem. We can also begin to establish some of the shape at the end of the stem.

Draw the Pumpkin’s Stem

Next, begin to draw lines on the stem of the pumpkin. These lines give a bumpy, woody texture to the stem that almost resembles the bark of a tree trunk. Draw lines close together that follow the curvature of the stem. Sketch most of them going in the same direction, but put a couple of slight bends and twists here and there. You can also use the reference photo as a guide.

There is this little depression at the tip of the stem, so we need to draw some bumpy lines to indicate that. Just drawing a few short lines will give the impression of a border around the tip as well as a hole in the middle. Draw a few tinier holes in the border too, and continue to shape the edge of the tip.

How to Draw a Pumpkin – Part 2

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